Impacts Of Climate Change On Birds Of Prey

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In addition, wide-scale human effects, like air pollution away from visible human footprint or latest local weather change, are additionally not included in our modeling. Additionally, we only embody results of footprint on the local scale -- the 1-ha scale we sample at, or larger sampling areas for birds and mammals. We don't embrace any additional results that might be brought on by human footprint within the larger surrounding space. We estimated 3-D flight paths of Golden Eagles throughout two fall migration seasons and one spring migration season prior to development of the Dokie 1 Wind Energy Project, hereafter referred to as Dokie 1. We then tested whether explicit weather/topography interactions increased the frequency of eagle flight onto the proposed project footprint.

Seepage would even be anticipated from the mine water pond and mine rock area to the open pit and to Chester Lake, Three Duck Lakes, Delaney Lake and the Mollie River. The proponent anticipates that seepage losses can be minimized with collection ponds and ditches across the tailings administration facility, mine rock area and low-grade ore stockpile. Geomembrane liners can be used on starter dams on the perimeter of the tailings administration facility and beneath the mine water pond and low-grade ore stockpile collection ponds to reduce seepage losses into the open pit. The Métis Nation of Ontario requested monitoring of groundwater levels in the area near the open pit, and in places the place groundwater interacts with floor water at wetlands.

Health Canada commented that metal concentrations in soil can be used as an indicator for steel concentrations in edible vegetation. Health Canada suggested that ought to an increase in the concentration of metals within the soil from baseline situations be noticed, the chance evaluation should be revisited to discover out the potential well being results. The proponent is of the view that the depositional mannequin for air pollutants did not show appreciable modifications in soil high quality. Therefore, the proponent doesn't count on well being dangers associated with consumption of contaminated traditional crops. Health Canada indicated it's not happy with the proponent's response, and requested the proponent monitor these plants within the areas where it remains accessible.

The Agency has considered the timing of project construction and operation activities and is mostly glad with the proponent's response. With respect to effluent, the Agency notes the proponent must adjust to the Metal Mining Effluent Regulations, and understands that part of this requirement contains environmental results monitoring. The Agency has thought-about the proponent's methodology for assortment of baseline knowledge and notes that Wabun Tribal Council remains unhappy with the proponent's responses for some elements of the environmental evaluation methodology. The proponent provided further rationale for the baseline methodology and dedicated to surveys to determine reference areas for monitoring prior to mine construction.

The proponent has designed a conceptual emergency and spill response plan, which might be activated if any of the potential accidents or malfunctions happens. The proponent will set up an in depth emergency and spill response plan previous to the beginning of the development part. Where sensible, construct fuel storage areas at locations which are distant from water bodies and delicate habitat.

Requested an analysis of the environmental effects of the Project on potential lake sturgeon habitat within the project area. The Agency has thought-about the hydrological effects assessment and the potential impacts of climate change on hydrology, in reaching its conclusions. Identified gaps within the info offered relating to Aboriginal and treaty rights, together with potential adverse impacts on the ability of Aboriginal peoples to train rights and related pursuits, measures and commitments to mitigate potential antagonistic impacts, and the identification of residual effects including impacts. The Agency is of the view that it has access to the suitable degree of data needed for the environmental assessment. Where information was unavailable from the proponent, the Agency carried out its own evaluation, primarily based on proponent information in addition to views of government authorities and Aboriginal teams. The organic function of terrestrial fauna, flora and wetlands just isn't predicted to be considerably impacted by the Project.

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